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Let me help you change your life...

Here at The Fixer, i specialise in helping people like you expel your fears or phobias once and for all.

It doesn't have to be this way...

Many people seek my help after they have tried everything else to rid themselves of a fear or a phobia, be different why waste your time on attempting to remove your fear. If your in the Essex area come and see how you can remove your own fear or phobia with hypnotherapy... why try anything else? by understanding fears and phobias and their processes i have all the tools needed including hypnotherapy and behavior focused psychotherapy to help you become fear free one and for all.

What Fear & Phobias Hypnotherapy Can Help With

There are over 500 Phobias listed all over the internet and it will be very hard for you to find one person that doesnt have a phobia whether it be mild or strong, hypnotherapy and the other tools i use are having incredible results in banishing your phobias in as little as one session!! imagine that a phobia you have had all of your life, GONE. wouldnt that be nice, you wouldnt have to avoid that situation anymore, no more dodging that specific place you could find it. If you have a phobia whether it is a specific phobia or social phobia contact me to find out how i can help you.

Do you have a goal your trying to achieve but you have a fear getting in your way?
At the The Fixer I specialise in helping people with specific fears, some fears like to show themselves as procrastination or as self defeating thoughts. Come and set yourself free to allow you to achieve the goals you have always wanted! Have you ever wanted to change your career but are to scared to take the plunge, create the new you and rid yourself of all those fears.

Is hypnotherapy for you?
The short answer is simply "YES" hypnotherapy can help anyone with many different aspects of life. The longer explanation is, hypnotherapy uses the phenomenon of hypnosis to alter the way your mind perceives a specific aspect of life. Whether it be to eradicate a fear, motivate you to loose weight, help you become a non smoker or to motivate you towards a career or life goal to name a few, hypnotherapy can help you by getting your mind on your side! Contact me to find out if I can help you!

Complimentary Consultation

Take advantage of your complimentary consultation, come down meet me and have any question you have answered about my programs or how hypnotherapy can help you.